Purchasing a new home is exciting and maybe a little intimidating. Let us at Walker Homes make the process as straightforward and stress free as possible.

Step 1 – Chose a Home from Our Collection

Take your time and select a house model that fits your family, lifestyle, and your budget. Once you have decided on the model, its time to select the lot location that you would like your new house built on.

Step 2 – Reserving the Perfect Lot

As soon as you have decided on the perfect model and location, you do not want to lose it!

Once you have your financing pre-approval from your financial institute you can reserve a lot for a period of 10 business days, with a deposit of $3,000.00. When you move forward with your purchase, this amount will be credited to your Agreement of Purchase and Sale deposit. If you decide not to continue with your purchase, the deposit will be fully refunded to you.

Step 3 – Reviewing Upgrades and Agreement of Purchase and Sale

After providing your proof of financing and reserving a lot, we will review the pricing changes and/or upgrades that you would like in your new home. Once your upgrades have been finalized, we will move forward to an Agreement of Purchase and Sale – this agreement allows for conditions to be recorded, including a financing clause and time for your lawyer to review the agreement. You will have 14 business days to fulfill your required conditions. During this meeting, your first deposit will be required.

*Speak to our sales representatives about our deposit requirements (Deposit on Signing Purchase Agreement)

Step 4 – Purchasing Your New Home!

Once your financing has been arranged and your lawyer has reviewed all the documents, we require that you sign a waiver acknowledging that all conditions in the agreement have been met. Your final deposit is due and your Purchase and Sale Agreement is now Firm. No further deposits will be required. From here, we’ll prepare for the construction of your new home!

*Speak to our sales representatives about our deposit requirements (Deposit on Waiving Conditions)

Step 5 – Interior and Exterior Colour Selections, Kitchen Layout & Electrical Plan

Within the first few weeks after signing the Waiver, a Walker Homes representative will be in contact with you to schedule your Selections meeting. During this meeting, you will choose your Interior and Exterior selections, review your Kitchen layout and Electrical plans for your new home. Some additional upgrade pricing can be provided during this meeting. However, some specific customer selections may require custom pricing which may take up to 5 business days.

Once you have decided on all your finishes we will review and confirm your selections. You will be asked to sign off on all your final finish choices.

*Upgrades can be selected and paid for during this meeting. No upgrades will be processed until full payment is made or the purchase price has been adjusted and if required additional financing approved.